Sleeper Warehouse - your specialist Railway Sleeper Furniture Manufacturer, Supplier of sleeper wood and distributor of all major Fireplaces and braais


Suppliers of all sleeper furniture.
Suppliers of sleeper wood to the public A grade up to garden grades.
Suppliers and installers of fireplaces and braai's
Home renovations and alterations also done

Company Overview

Sleeper Warehouse offers a variety of products and services mostly in the rustic environment.
With more than 20 years in business, we specialize in the manufacturing of sleeperwood furniture and products. With highly competent artisans, we can
accommodate any size project, from a small cabinet door to a whole development. This includes indoor furniture, garden furniture, decking, wall decorations, plant holders etc. The only thing that can hold us back is imagination, of which we have lots! Clients include lodges, restaurants, family homes and offices.
Our fireplace, coal stoves and braai division can supply basically any make and model. We are proud agents for HomeFires, Jetmaster and Palazzetti. Our professional installation teams are always available to give advice and support.

Whole sleepers and planks are available. Should you need special cuts, talk to our consultants who will advise and supply you with a quote.

Our Factory Show Room is situated on plot 472 Dewar St Derdepoort Pretoria
Tel: 012 804 8927

General Information

As railway wood sleepers are being replaced with cement sleepers, they become scarcer and more difficult to obtain. This makes furniture made from used railway sleepers valuable and will be even more so in future. One can expect the pieces to last for decades, making it an excellent investment and family heirloom.
When you invest in sleeper wood furniture:
You will never have to replace it.
Like good wine, it will grow in splendor and stand the test of changing trends and fashions.
The piece will always be unique as no two pieces can look the same. The character of the wood does not allow this as each plank has it's own distinctive character, markings and color blending.
You will have an excellent investment which will grow in value. Like anything else, the value will increase incredibly when the source of wood has dried up and new pieces are no longer manufactured.

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Sleeper Furniture, Sleepers, Bars, Beds, Kitchens, Crosses, Braai's & Fireplaces, Coal stoves.